Breed_________________ Color_____________ Sex______________

Birth Date________________



Sold to (Purchaser)____________________________________________



Sold by (Breeder) ____________________________________________

1. Under no circumstances will this kitten (cat) be sold, leased, traded, given away, or otherwise transferred to another party. If the purchaser cannot at any time keep the kitten (cat), breeder will be notified prior to purchaser doing anything with the kitten (cat), and has the first right of refusal. Breeder will try to help purchaser find a suitable home for kitten (cat). 2. This kitten (cat) will be kept strictly indoors and not allowed to go outside except in a confined, safe, and supervised area. 3. Purchaser will not have this kitten (cat) declawed. Purchaser will not have a digital flexor tendonectomy procedure performed on this kitten (cat). 4. Purchaser agrees that this kitten (cat) will have prompt medical attention and will not be allowed to harbor parasites. 5. Purchaser agrees that this kitten (cat) will receive vaccinations in a timely manner. 6. This kitten (cat) is purchased for pet___ breeding____ show_____ . 7. a). If purchased as pet, the purchaser agrees to have this kitten (cat) castrated or spayed at the appropriate age (approx. 6 mos. for female, 6-9 mos. for male), unless the kitten (cat) has already been altered by the breeder and purchaser guarantees that this kitten (cat) WILL NOT be used for stud services or breeding. b). If item 7a is disregarded by purchaser, purchaser must pay an additional $500.00 in damages to the breeder and any offsprings of this kitten (cat) are to be delivered to EMJOYS Cattery and become the sole property of EMJOYS Cattery and EMJOYS Cattery will also reclaim this kitten (cat) without a refund. 8. a)Purchaser agrees to send a neuter/spay certificate or other proof of altering to the breeder after this kitten (cat) has been castrated or spayed. On receipt, the breeder will release the kitten's (cat's) papers. If the kitten (cat) has already been altered, the breeder will release the papers at the time of sale. b)If the kitten (cat) is sold as a breeder/show cat, seller will furnish registration and pedigree when the kitten (cat) goes to his ( her) new home. 9. This kitten (cat) is sold with a health guarantee, and has received initial vaccinations. Kitten (cat) is guaranteed FELV negative. Purchaser is encouraged to take the kitten (cat) to his/her veterinarian within 2 days to have its health checked. If at that time, kitten (cat) is found to have a health problem, breeder will take the kitten (cat) back and refund the purchase price, or, if so desired and available, will replace it with another kitten(cat). Breeder does not assume any veterinary costs. If feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) vaccine is given to this kitten (cat) ALL GUARANTEES OF THIS CONTRACT ARE NULL AND VOID. 10. This kitten's (cat's) temperament is guaranteed. If the purchaser finds that the kitten (cat) does not adjust, or if the kitten's (cat's) temperament is not found satisfactory within one month, the breeder will take the kitten (cat) back and refund the purchase price, or replace with another kitten (cat) if available. 11. a)Purchaser shall be liable for any court costs and related charges including attorney's fees associated with breeder enforcing the terms of this contract. b)Any legal action which may arise under the terms of this contract will be brought in the county/city of breeder's residence. c)Breeder retains a security interest in this kitten (cat) for purposes of enforcing this agreement and may enforce this interest without judicial intervention. d)Changes or additions to this agreement must be in writing and signed by all parties.
I/WE AGREE TO THE TERMS OUTLINED IN THIS AGREEMENT. Signed_______________________________________________Date____________ Purchaser Signed_______________________________________________Date____________ Breeder

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