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Thank you for your interest in acquiring a Russian Blue from us. Adopting a cat/kitten is a big decision. With better food and improved health care you can expect the average kitten born today to live 15 years or longer. Bringing a cat/kitten into your home requires much time, money, commitment, and love. When we place one of our babies we expect him/her to go to a loving, lifetime home. Please take time to answer the following questions. Keep in mind that we ask these questions to help you decide if you are ready for a cat/kitten in your life and to help us choose the most compatible companion for your lifestyle.

Completion of this questionnaire does not constitute a contract nor is it a guarantee that a cat or kitten will be available. We reserve the right to refuse an application, cancel transactions, and return deposits at any time before delivery of cat or kitten for any reason.


Date: ________

Name: _______________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________

City: ________________________ State: _______ Zip: _________

E-mail: _____________________________ Phone: _______

1. How did you hear about us?

2. Why do you want a cat? Why a Russian Blue? Do you prefer an adult or kitten? Male or female? Why? Is this a unanimous family decision?

3. Do you own or rent? If you rent, please provide landowner's name, address, phone number.

4. Do you have time for a pet? Which family member will be responsible for providing fresh food and water? Who gets litter box duty? Who clips nails? How much time will you be able to spend every day with your cat/kitten?

5. Can you afford a pet? What if your cat requires expensive medical care?

6. Do you have children? If so, what are their ages? How will you introduce the new cat/kitten to your children? How often will the pet and child(ren) be left together unattended?

7. Do you have other pets? What kind and what are their ages? How will you introduce the new pet to your resident pets? If you have other pets, may we contact your veterinarian(s)? Please provide contact information. If you do not have a veterinarian, we strongly recommend that you interview and find an acceptable vet before you take your new cat/kitten home. All veterinarians are qualified to treat cats, but some are more comfortable working with cats than others may be.

8. If you have other cats: Are they spayed/neutered? How often do they go outside? Are they declawed? Have you ever had a cat declawed?

9. Have you ever owned other pets? What happened to them?

10. Is your household normally quiet or bustling with activity? Do you entertain frequently? Adults or children? Do you or anyone in your house smoke?

11. How long will the pet be left unattended during the day? How will the new cat/kitten be kept safely away from the resident pets in your absence? What about food, fresh water, and a safe place for a litter box?

12. What brand of food will you feed? What type of litter do you use (clay, clumping, alternative)?

13. If you go out of town, who will provide care for your cat in your absence? If your pet stays home, how many times per day will the person visit?

14. Are you comfortable clipping nails? Are you willing to learn?

15. If something would cause you to be unable to care for your pets what provisions have you made?

Thank you for taking the time to carefully think through and truthfully answer these questions. They should be questions you ask yourself if you decide to get a cat or kitten from us or from someone else.

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